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Cannabis Flavonoids and Their Medicinal Qualities

Flavonoids are compounds present in the plant kingdom. Cannabis contains cannflavins, 30 times more potent than aspirin. When most countries are legalizing this product for both recreational and medicinal use, you should understand it better to know the benefits you can get from using it.

You can get cheap weed and other cannabis products from online stores like Hush Cannabis Club. Cannabis concentrates all the flavonoids in the leaves and flowers, almost 2.5% of the dry weight, and they are invaluable in the roots and seeds. Unlike cannabinoids, these compounds are very soluble in water, which would explain the therapeutic properties of Cannabis infusions.

Flavonoids share properties with cannabinoids and terpenes. The three groups collaborate, creating a synergy that enhances the medicinal benefits. For example, the proven anti-inflammatory effect of the Cannabis plant. Let’s see the main flavonoids in Cannabis and what their therapeutic effects are.

Cannflavins A, B and C

They are exclusivemedicinal cannabis flavonoids from the Cannabis plant. Cannflavins have the highest anti-inflammatory activity, with an activity thirty times more effective than an aspirin! In 2014, Cannflavins, especially A and B, were found to block the production of two chemical compounds that inflame animal cells.

Vitexin and Isovitexin

They are active components of many traditional Chinese medicines, present in food and various medicinal plants. They have diverse pharmacological effects, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, contraceptive, and neuroprotective.


Kaempferol is a flavonoid present in large amounts in vegetables such as broccoli, squash, tomato, or strawberries. We also find it in many medicinal plants such as Ginkgo biloba or Linden.

Preclinical studies have shown that kaempferol has a wide range of pharmacological properties: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anticancer, antiosteoporosis, anxiolytic, analgesic, and antiallergic.


This flavonoid is being tested to reduce the side effects of Cyclosporin A, an immunosuppressant given during organ transplant to prevent rejections. It also has anxiolytic and sedative properties that establish a synergy with cannabinoids.


Quercetincannabis plant is a powerful antioxidant flavonoid from the Cannabis plant. We can also find it in onions, grapes, berries, cherries, broccoli, and citrus fruits.

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Ingesting flavonoids like quercetin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and certain types of cancer.

Luteolin and Orientina

Luteolin and Orientine also have proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic activities.

We have seen how flavonoids are present throughout the plant kingdom. Since ancient times, mankind has known how to take advantage of the medicinal benefits of plants. The Cannabis plant has specific flavonoids that it does not share with any other species: Cannflavins, only present in 0.014% of the fresh weight of the plant.…


Understanding Marijuana and Their Use in The Medical Field

Cannabis, more commonly referred to as “Marijuana” is a plant most frequently used as a recreational drug. It has a soothing effect on the body as it relaxes the muscle and pleasures the mind. You may not know that marijuana can also be utilized for medical purposes such as alleviating chronic pain, nausea, queasy feeling, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Doctors used the term “medical marijuana” and they require specific qualifications before they are allowed to administer the cannabis plant to patients. Commonly, doctors in the field of cannabis medicine frequent the cannabis plant, administering them to patients with specific needs by prescribing them an elaborate treatment plan, i.e., the appropriate dosage, how to add the dosage incrementally, what to expect from it, etc. These doctors hold themselves to a high practice standard as the cannabis plant is different from conventional medicine.

How to Obtain Medical Marijuana?


As it is legalized in most states in the US, the drug can be found just in any of your average run-of-the-mill dispensary or pharmacy. However, going to them might be exhausting, primarily if you are housed far from them, and there is always the possibility that they are out of stock since it is a fast-moving medical good that has high demands within the public. Then why not purchase them online from a seed bank or online dispensaries? They are available around the clock and are able to deliver to your address using third-party services.

Despite the popularity, several states are still banning their use. That is why we strongly suggest for you to check your state’s regulation first before making an order online.

Since the health benefits of marijuana are ever-growing, we have garnered this list of their health benefits for your knowledge:

  • It Helps Treat Depression

The cannabis plant has a compound called endocannabinoid that stabilizes mood and causing a “high” effect that soothes the mind, thus lessening depressional thoughts.

  • It Helps Weight Loss

Cannabis use will signal your body to generate more insulin, which will help breakdown fat and use it for energy, resulting in weight loss.

  • It Reliefs Chronic Pain

The compound cannabinoid is widely believed and proven to relieve chronic pain; hence, the reason why doctors administer medical marijuana as a viable treatment for people that suffer chronic pain.

  • It Reduces Inflammation

The cannabis plant is thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Therefore, it is used as a treatment for people who suffer from inflammatory conditions.

  • It Improves Sleep

Since your body and mind are relaxed, it will be easier to fall into a state of narcolepsy that will tackle sleep disorders like insomnia.

As the battle for legality continues, marijuana is a hot topic prevalently discussed worldwide. But we cannot deny that the cannabis plant does possess numerous amazing health benefits that have helped many people globally.


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Utilizing Social Media to Grow Your Practice

Social Media is now a day is used to reach out to your patients. It is ever-changing and keeps on evolving to help you grow your practice using social media. The goal is to provide actionable tips that will help your way succeed through social media.

woman tooth mouth

There are two main topics you have to consider before getting on any social media platform:

What is your purpose?

Are you a student who may be just graduated or want to build your social media presence through Google Ads automation until you can acquire or start a new dental practice? Is that the ultimate goal of getting onto social media, or is your purpose is to connect with other dentists across the nation? There are so many talented, incredible dentists out there. Do you want to communicate with these people and develop relationships with them? Is your purpose of getting new patients into the door? New patients who will find you through these social media channels decide to give you a shot with their treatment and care. You want to have a very narrow focus, and once you have that focus, you’ll create a more a better social media platform.

Who is your target audience?

Are you practicing on the beach where holistic dentistry is more of a popular thing? Do you work in a family practice where you want just families to come and treat them for the next years? Are you looking to do cosmetic cases like veneer, or doing braces or so one and so forth. You need to identify who precisely you are targeting. Are they young patients? Are they older patients? You want to define your target audience before building out your platform and creating your digital marketing.

Building Authority

clinic colleague confidentThere are three main ways to build authority; dental photography, procedure videos, and educational content. Many people get their information from people who are not a dentist who maybe don’t know what they are talking about. It is a social responsibility for some dentist who would like to reach their audience to educate and out realistic content for people to understand what dentistry is.

Connecting with Others

dental chair cheerfulConnecting with others is another powerful thing that is going on nowadays. There are three ways to communicate with your patients; humanizing the dentist, engaging local businesses, and sharing your journey. It is like letting your target audience know that dentists are still human and might have the same hobbies and interests that they can relate to.

Final Thoughts

Dentistry is a profession where they work with people closely. It is vital to give your patients an idea of who you are, your personality, and your values. It is essential to share a business connection and engage in life to share your journey and profession.


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Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

It’s the time when many men and women ingest our bacterial friends – outside an enjoyable time – what would be the benefits?

As seasons changes, there are still wilder sections of the world and spend hours walking peacefully around, taking a look at the earth for that magic mushrooms. The object that they are looking for is a mysterious magic mushrooms that contains psilocybin.

Magic mushrooms have been found worldwide and can be taken into several forms like psilocybin gummies and capsules, to mention a few. Virtually every civilization has a historical, sacred relationship with all these vital medicines.

Prominent examples include if we get our soul broken – we might be open to prospective intimate adventures. Individuals with a string of adverse events connected with aspects of their own lives may shut to the detriment of potential experiences.

Treat Addiction

smoke nicotine addictionIf you’re caught with addiction in your lifetime, psychedelics can be of help. Magic mushrooms are demonstrated to help treat dependence on habit-forming drugs such as cocaine and smoking. Prior trials with psilocybin to deal with depression or addiction have indicated the overwhelming size of a psychedelic experience appears to be fundamentally entwined with its therapeutic effectiveness. So fundamentally, the stronger the understanding that the better the outcome. Have to, and we restrict our life possible by shutting out new adventures and opportunities.

Reduce Depression

According to the studies, there is no correlation between the abstract strength of their psychedelic experience and the curative effect. Ahead trials utilizing psilocybin to deal with depression or dependence have indicated the overwhelming size of a psychedelic experience appears to be fundamentally entwined with its therapeutic effectiveness. So basically, the stronger the understanding that the better the outcome.

Boost of “willingness” and other valuable changes in character individuals are born and filled with love – keen to link, learn, and develop as sentient beings throughout our own lives, experiences that might result in distress down us.

Boost Creativity

art colorful craftAccording to research and studies, a dramatic reduction of a natural being could be advantageous to some who want to unleash their creativity. Psychedelic can give life-changing experiences that allow the person taking it to feel deeply connected and living. They also boost imagination. According to the studies, psilocybin rewires minds to connect more neurons, stimulating imagination and creativity.

Final Thoughts

Thus far, nearly all the signs that psilocybin microdosing provides advantages — increased imagination, less stress, the diminished requirement for caffeine, and decreased melancholy — have been more anecdotal. Researchers have started to become curious and would like to know the depths of the benefits of psilocybin in treating depression and addiction.…

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A Review of Cannabis Oil

Vaping cannabis oil is the best method for improving the consumption of cannabis. Cannabis oil is healthier than smoking raw cannabis, and this product is legal and more accessible. Its consumption can save you money, hassle and potential embarrassment. There are different types of cannabis oil in the market today that cbd enthusiasts can choose from.

People mainly use it because of its medicinal properties. For instance, it is beneficial in treating depression, anxiety, cancer, and inflammation. The medicinal properties of cannabis oil are released when this product is cooked for a long time. In addition to health benefits, vaping cbd oil can also have a positive effect on one’s life.

Availability and Legality of CBD Oil

CBD oil products are legal in many states in the US. Its users have the option of choosing different types of CBD enhanced products. However, some states have a few options for consuming cannabis oil. Anyone living in the US can also ship quality hemp oil from reputable vendors.

Most of the products sold in the market don’t have intoxicating effects since they have low contact of THC free. This means that the user cannot get high for vaping cbd oils. Vaping is considered as one of the best methods for relieving nausea and feeling relaxed. CBD oil is extracted from the buds of pure, organically grown hemp plants. In addition to this, these products do not contain any additives or harmful chemicals.

Tricks for Consuming Cannabis Oil

vapingNew users should start slow and then increase their dosage gradually. You should avoid intoxicating yourself before knowing what to expect. After choosing the best cannabis oil, you should look for the right type of vaporizer. Most of the modern vaporizers have temperature control features that allow the user to regulate the product temperature. Generally, you should avoid overheating your cannabis oil since this can burn up some of the desired compounds.

Varieties Available

Consumption of cannabis oil is legalized in 23 states where it is used for medicinal and recreational purposes. The current market has different CBD products that its users can explore. Some of them have different flavors and scents. Its users should consume products that are pure and consistency in terms of composition.

One can know about the ingredients used in making CBD oil by carefully reading the product’s labels and visiting the manufactures websites. The other important information that you can obtain from the vendors and manufacturers websites include lab test results and price of various CBD products.…