a lady palying golf

Reasons to Consider Playing Golf

While there are so many sports that you can play, golf is one of the best that you can give a try. Many people join golfing every year, for example, around 2.5 million people started playing golf in 2015, and the figure keeps rising every year. This shows that the sport has some benefits, and you should also go for them. Perhaps if you fear you do not know where to start, you can check out the putting tips for any skill level to help you start off this game.

Here are some reasons you should consider to start playing golf:

It Is a Good Exercise

golf is an excellent workoutWhen you play golf, you get a chance for a full-body exercise. The notable thing about the sport is that you do a good deal of walking which provides an excellent chance to work the body. Besides, the swinging actions provide great workouts for the legs, arms, abdomen, and the back. Also, pulling the cart or carrying the bag with the clubs to provide more physical activities for the body.

Furthermore, the golf courses have varying terrain giving the body more challenge when walking as you play, leading to even more benefits. There is no doubt that a round of golf provides a fantastic fitness program for both sexes and all ages.

It Offers a Chance to Make New Friends

golf allow to make friendsAlthough you could play golf with your old friends, the sport offers you an excellent opportunity to meet new people with whom you can make new friends. If you are not sure how you can get new friends when playing golf, you can try going to the golf course alone and inform those in charge of the clubhouse that you wish to join others.

Surprisingly, they will be glad to set you up with other groups. And within no time, you will have made new friendships and will be going to grab a drink with one or more new friends.

It Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Sports, golf included, have the effect of lowering stress and anxiety due to stimulating the production of feel-happy hormones. Moreover, when you play outdoors, the exposure to the sunlight and getting the chance to breathe fresh air significantly boosts your serotonin and endorphin levels enhancing moods and reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, it offers the opportunity to escape from the stress of daily life, allowing you to relax.…